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Interesting Trailer Tire Facts

Anyone who has had to replace tires on his trailer has probably wondered why they are typically more expensive than economy auto tires, and what the major differences are. What pressure should you run them at? Why does it seem like you … Continue reading

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Should I use Bearing Buddies on my Utility Trailer?

I get this question frequently from customers, and I have recommended to many of them that purchasing “Bearing Buddies” is not a benefit unless the trailer gets dipped into water. Many trailer owners assume that replacing their dust caps with … Continue reading

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Repacking Trailer Wheel Bearings

Most utility and marine trailer hubs are packed with bearing grease. In this blog we’ll discuss how to determine when to clean and repack your hubs, and how to accomplish this without any special tools. To begin, assemble the following common household items: … Continue reading

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Diagnosing and Repairing Trailer Lights and Wiring

For most consumers, trailer wiring repair can be a frustrating experience. Diagnosing the root of the problem early in the process is the key. I recommend a 12 volt stick-tester to check your wiring and plug for continuity as the … Continue reading

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